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  • Can Your Ceramic Cookware Give You Lead Poisoning? - NPR

    12/8/2017· Can Your Ceramic Cookware Give You Lead Poisoning? : The Salt Mass-produced crockpots and other ceramic food containers are probably safe…

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  • Lead Safe Mama - Dishes, Spode China, Strawberry …

    She sent me a bunch of dishes and I'll be posting the test results ASAP Spoon we can take bets you can take bets and then then you you can look it up on the blog so go to Lead Safe Mama dot com to see if you're right about whether or not these things have led and this one says noon. kinda scary looking and Then, this is the 19 eighties Corral piece, and this one is a 19 sixties to 19 seventies.

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  • 13 Investigates: Lead in Your Dishes - 13 WTHR …

    Bob Segall/13 Investigates. Lead is considered toxic and it's a key ingredient in millions of dinner plates, cereal bowls and other dishes we use every day. Federal regulators say, in most dishes, the lead poses no health risk, but some local health officials say the high amount of lead found in many dishes is "too risky" and shouldn't be permitted.

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  • Lead Safe Mama - Home | Facebook

    19-11-2018· Lead Safe Mama, Portland, Oregon. 30,176 likes · 1,432 talking about this. A Facebook community & forum for childhood lead poisoning prevention, run …

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  • Does This Cookware or Children’s Toy Contain Dangerous ...

    3/19/2019· Tamara Rubin, of Lead Safe Mama, LLC tested vintage Tupperware (c. 1970s) and found high levels of toxicants — including Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, and …

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  • Lead Safe Mama - Posts | Facebook

    Lead Safe Mama, Portland, Oregon. 30,195 likes · 1,547 talking about this. A Facebook community & forum for childhood lead poisoning prevention, run by Tamara Rubin, Mother of 4, Environmental...

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  • Lead Safe Mama - Tamara Rubin (LeadSafeMama) on Pinterest

    Lead Safe Mama - Tamara Rubin | I am a lead poisoning prevention advocate & documentary film maker. My kids were acutely lead poisoned and I help families keep the same from happening to them

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  • Safe Cookware Guide That Makes Sense | I Read Labels For You

    4/28/2020· In addition, Lead-Safe Mama Tamara Rubin tests for total (not extractable or leachable) lead and other heavy metals. Her tests are of great help in the search for safe cookware. She is not convinced of slow cooker safety. Leachable lead means that the lead can leach into your food. Lead itself is not dangerous if it isn’t ingested somehow.

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  • Are Old Stoneware Pfaltzgraff Dishes Microwaveable? | eHow

    Pfaltzgraff made dinnerware for the American table for over a hundred years. Pfaltzgraff dinnerware production was stoneware, earthenware, bone china and porcelain. The majority of patterns available today on the secondary market are earthenware and stoneware.

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  • What Are the Safest Cookware Options ... - Wellness Mama®

    11/15/2019· Safest Cookware Options. Now for the mostly good! There are some brands that have good options but unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a perfect option (though I’m working on research to develop one!) In general, if you aren’t using old-school non-stick or cooking at super high temperatures, you can probably feel ok about your cookware options.

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  • Is Corelle Lead and Cadmium Free – 2020 Safe Dinnerware sets

    CORELLE LEAD AND CADMIUM FREE WINTER FROST PLATES WHITE DINNER 10-1/4″ DIA. (PACK OF 6). CHECK PRICE NOW. You have always wanted to know if Corelle is lead and cadmium free, this Corelle product here perfectly answers the question of is Corelle lead and cadmium free? They stack small, do not take up a lot of space, lightweight, and hold up ...

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  • FAQ Dinnerware – Fiesta Factory Direct

    FAQ Dinnerware Is Fiesta® Dinnerware lead free? Yes. Fiesta® Dinnerware is lead free. Since 1992 when a major manufacturing process change took place at Fiesta Tableware Company, all of the dinnerware produced for the retail and food service markets has been "lead-free."

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  • Safe, Non Toxic Mugs - Which Mugs Are Lead Free?

    8/18/2018· Lead is usually used to make glazes look shiny and smooth. Cadmium is often used to provide dishes bright colors. Lead glazes and decorations are also commonly used on porcelain or fine china. Since small traces of lead or cadmium is allowed in dinnerware and mugs sold in the United States, many mugs contain lead or cadmium.

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  • Ask Umbra: Good gracious, is there lead in my fine china ...

    4/7/2014· Send your question to Umbra!. Q. My mom passed along the set of dishes that my grandmother hand-carried home from China, back when she and my grandfather were among the very first U.S. tourists to ...

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  • Lead Safe Mama's Amazon Page

    Shop recommended products from Lead Safe Mama on Amazon.com. Learn more about Lead Safe Mama's favorite products.

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