natural resources found in alaska

  • What Are Natural Resources Found in the …

    What Are Natural Resources Found in the Tundra? Natural resources in the tundra include plants, animals, such as caribou, elk and foxes and sources of energy including uranium and oil. Natural resources refer to usable items deriving from nature, instead of undergoing an artificial manufacturing process in human hands.

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  • Natural Resources of the State of Arizona | …

    Arizona is a state of abundant natural resources. In this lesson we'll explore some of the most important ones, though you may be surprised at how diverse this state is when it comes to the ...

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  • Alaska Plant Materials Center | Division of Agriculture

    Waterweed (Elodea spp.)AK Natural Heritage Program Invasiveness Ranking: 79. Until recently, Alaska has been considered free of invasive submerged aquatic plants that greatly impact freshwater resources in other areas of the world where they are not native.

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  • HOME | Alaska Resource Education

    ARE's mission is to spark an interest and fuel a passion in Alaskan students through education. ARE inspires future engineers, scientists, operators and regulators. Education, resource industry, natural resources industry, energy, STEM, STEM education, oil & gas, mining, forestry, minerals

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  • Natural Resources - Alaska Subsistence (U.S. …

    Natural resources in national park areas of Alaska provide opportunities for rural residents engaged in a subsistence way of life to continue to do so. Healthy populations of fish and wildlife, native plants, and clean air and water are essential for subsistence activities on park lands.

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  • Alaska Resource Data File - USGS

    Descriptions of mines, prospects, and mineral occurrences in the Alaska Resource Data File (ARDF) are published for individual U.S. Geological Survey 1:250,000-scale quadrangles in Alaska (see accompanying map or table) as USGS Open-File Reports and are available for downloading from this site.. These descriptions are divided into fields which describe each mine, prospect, or mineral …

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  • Natural resources - Arctic

    It has been in operation since 1987. Many minor gold mines are also functioning in sub-Arctic Alaska. In Greenland cryolite, coal, marble, zinc, lead, and silver are produced. Biological resources are similarly bountiful in the Far North. An estimated one-fifth of freshwater and several of the world's largest rivers are found …

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  • Ownership | How it Works | Natural Resources …

    Alaska Native Corporation lands in Alaska, held by 12 regional Alaska Native Corporations that received rights to some surface lands, as well as rights to natural resources below the surface. Along with these 12 regional Alaska Native Corporations, certain village-level Alaska Native Corporations hold additional surface land rights.

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  • What Are Alabama's Natural Resources? | …

    Alabama's natural resources include timber, water, wildlife and soil. The natural resources of the state provide a way of life for its citizens, and much to see for tourists. Trees cover approximately 70 percent, or 23 million acres, of Alabama. It's one of the state's most important resources, and vital to its economy.

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  • Alaska Pictures and Facts - Kids

    Alaska. Get facts and photos about the 49th state. By Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh. Alaska Barry the bald eagle arrives in the country's biggest state, Alaska, to hang with his friend MC Will the willow ptarmigan. Flying over glaciers is supercool, but they better watch out for the volcanoes!

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  • What are some natural resources in Alaska - Answers

    Some natural resources of south central Alaska include trees and natural gas. Alaska was granted statehood on January 3, 1959. What are some Natural resources that are found in Alaska?

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  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Wikipedia

    The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR or Arctic Refuge) is a national wildlife refuge in northeastern Alaska, United States.It consists of 19,286,722 acres (78,050.59 km 2) in the Alaska North Slope region. It is the largest national wildlife refuge in the country, slightly larger than the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge.The refuge is administered from offices in Fairbanks.

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  • Alaska - Wikipedia

    Alaska is the least densely populated state, and one of the most sparsely populated areas in the world, at 1.2 inhabitants per square mile (0.46/km 2), with the next state, Wyoming, at 5.8 inhabitants per square mile (2.2/km 2). Alaska is by far the largest U.S. state by …

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  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Wikipedia

    The Arctic was found to have an immense amount of oil and natural gas deposits. Specifically, ANWR occupies land beneath which there may be 7.7 to 11.8 billion barrels of oil. In Alaska, it is known for major oil companies to work with the indigenous groups, "native corporations" to drill and export millions of barrels of oil each year.

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  • Top 5 Industries in Alaska: Which Are Strongest …

    While Alaska’s economy is supported by numerous industries, it is three primary sectors that provide the bulk of the economy’s strength, according to the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Alaska. Those three sectors are the federal government, petroleum, and the combination of all other sectors, according to ISER’s Scott Goldsmith, an economics professor who ...

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